Flip it on, it Floats

The FloatVac is not like a traditional vacuum. It’s not an upright. It’s not like any other canister.
It floats while you effortlessly vacuum your hardwood floors, carpet, upholstery, steps and rugs. It even gets those dust bunnies in hard-to-reach corners and under furniture that are nearly impossible with most vacuums today.

Super Lightweight, Uber Efficient

Air produced from the motor allows the FloatVac to gently hover over any floor so you no longer have to pull, push or drag your vacuum around the house.

What’s most impressive is how well it performs. The FloatVac combines lightweight but powerful European technology with meticulous Canadian engineering to create a system that is so airtight and efficient that it outperforms the top household brands in suction power by up to 37%. Perfect for a deep-cleaning, and efficient for a quick pick-up!

More Cleaning Power, Less Time Picking up Dirt

This engineering marvel is so efficient it has 10%-37% more suction power than the next brands. That means more cleaning power and less time spent picking up pet hair, dirt, crumbs and sand.

In a recent test that measures how well a vacuum can suck up 4 cups of kitty litter in 4 passes (the gold standard in the vacuum world), the FloatVac outperformed nearly every other vacuum. Plus, it’s 30% lighter than other brands.

Reach Everywhere

Floatvac features a telescopic, stainless steel wand so you can reach the toughest spots up to 7 feet away.

Store Anywhere

Stores up and out of the way with a convenient wall mount. It’s so easy, durable and lightweight, even your kids can use it! That may be wishful thinking… but at least they’ll have a few less excuses.

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Simplicity that Works

A simple, yet ultra-modern and elegant design. A variety of 5 attachments you can easily pop on and off to vacuum corners, chairs, drapes, blinds, ceramic floors, ceiling fans – you name it, you can clean it!

“The base floats, which makes it easier to move and use over different floors. I have one and use it over two more expensive models. “
– Ron Quesnelle, Maintenance Department, Penetang, Ontario
“FloatVac is easy to use and makes cleaning effortless. It’s a great little vacuum with great power.”
– Rebecca Brown, Business Owner and Mom, New Jersey


No bags! Simply pop open the dirt bin, empty and go.

Safe on Floors

No more scratch marks or ugly wheel streaks on your beautiful floors.

Quick Filter Switch

Easily remove filter and pre-filter for cleaning.