Floatvac How Tos


To assemble your new Float Vac, you simply need to attach the hose to the front canister. Insert the “T” on the cuff of the hose into the front of the canister. Then turn it slightly to the right to lock it into place. Turn it slightly to the left to unlock it. Slide the hose into stainless steel vacuum wand and select the attachment you wish to use.

Removing Dirt Canister

To remove the dirt canister, turn the hose slightly to the left to disconnect it from the front canister. Lift the button in the front to remove the canister. Place two fingers in the canister where the hose was attached and grip the base of the canister with your other hand and slowly slide the two pieces apart to empty the dirt. Then slide the two pieces back together, snap the canister back into the front of the Float Vac and reconnect the hose.

Wall Storage

A wall mount with 2 screws has been provided for you to hang your FloatVac for convenient storage. It is recommended that you screw the wall mount into a wall stud. The FloatVac hangs on a hook on the wall mount where you can also hang the vacuum wand for easy, out-of-the-way storage.